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2018 Cushion & Backrest Comparo

Sep 01, 2018

Mobility Management invited manufacturers and distributors of aftermarket wheelchair seat cushions and backrests to submit information about their products. Manufacturers self-reported the data in these listed categories.

“N/A” indicates no information was available, or the category did not apply to a particular product. Manufacturers reported HCPCS code(s) that were applicable at the time we went to press.

Cushion width, depth and height measurements are listed in inches. Weight capacities and cushion weights are listed in pounds. Construction of cushion covers refers to the standard cover(s) available unless otherwise noted.

Weights of wheelchair backs and the backs’ weight capacities are given in pounds. Back heights and widths are given in inches. In some cases, the heights or widths are followed by another measurement, which refers to the size of the back for which the height or width is given.

The first height measurement refers to the height of the back at its highest point. The second height measurement shows the range of heights available. The first width measurement refers to the width of the back at its widest point. The second width measurement shows the range of widths available.

Back angle/recline measurements are stated in degrees. Construction refers to materials used in the wheelchair back, including shell and cushion. Cover construction refers to materials in the back’s cover, as well as the cover’s properties.

Accessories refers to positioning accessories the back can accommodate. Accessories may be included with the back or available at a separate cost. Hardware refers to the type of hardware that attaches the back to the chair. Adjustability refers to height, width, depth and angle adjustments or changes that can be accommodated by the back and hardware.

Intended applications refers to the end user who could benefit from these cushions and backs. Other applications beyond those listed may be possible.

This Comparo is a starting point for providers and clinicians. Submissions were edited for style and available space. For more complete information, consult the manufacturers directly using the Resources guide.

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