Mobility Management Podcast

Mobility Management Podcast

The complex rehab technology (CRT) industry includes seating and mobility clinicians and providers, funding and policy specialists, rehab engineers, manufacturers and, of course, consumers and their families. Join Editor Laurie Watanabe as these stakeholders share their insights, predictions and hopes for CRT. Whether you design, manufacture, recommend, build, fit, service or fund seating and mobility, our podcasts offer personal perspectives from CRT’s front lines.

Power-Assist from a Proactive Perspective

Aug 02, 2019

Power-assist systems that support self-propulsion among manual wheelchair users isn't a new technology. But what is new is applying this technology proactively, rather than as a response to injury or chronic fatigue. Permobil's Curtis Merring, OTR, MOT, explains why power-assist should be considered for more wheelchair users, and the advantages of using this technology early in a wheelchair user's life.

Duration: 22 min

Applications for Active Reach & Active Height

Jul 13, 2019

When anterior (forward) tilt combines with seat elevation, the results are what Permobil calls “Active Reach” and “Active Height,” the ability for power wheelchair users to more safely and efficiently perform activities of daily living ranging from transfers to cooking, eating and brushing their teeth. Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS, the Regional Clinical Education Manager for Permobil, explains the applications for this new powered seating combination, as well as the funding landscape.

Duration: 28 min

Gait Training with a Dynamic Component

Jul 12, 2019

Gait training has so many benefits, not only for mobility (with a goal of independent mobility), but also for many bodily functions, not to mention cognitive and social development. But adding a dynamic component to more closely simulate how the body moves as it ambulates can have a tremendous impact on success. Elena Noble, PT, MPT, from Rifton discusses the advantages to introducing a dynamic component to pediatric gait-training programs.

Duration: 26 min

Mobility Management Podcast