AI Imagines CRT

Can Artificial Intelligence Recommend Appropriate Seating & Positioning?

Innovation As Customer Experience

When the Innovation Needed Is a Knee Block

The newly designed knee block on the M Corpus VS can give power chair riders greater autonomy.

Innovation As Customer Experience

It's All in the Details

Q&A with Permobil: Why focusing on customers’ experiences makes a difference.

Innovation As a Startup

Bolt from the Blue

AWL-E Has High Hopes for the Future of Power Mobility Charging

CRT & the F-Words of Disability

How well do seating and wheeled mobility solutions support childhood goals?

colorful wave of light moving in space

ATP Series

Somewhere to Go

How Dynamic Seating Can Help Manage Otherwise Harmful Forces

Dynamic seating can provide an outlet for forces that could otherwise hurt clients or their wheelchairs.

sweater with a cup of cocoa

ATP Series

CRT & Palliative Care

The Role of Seating in Improving Quality of Life for Consumers & Caregivers

How seating can improve quality of life for people who use wheelchairs,

female basketball player in a wheelchair throwing a basketball

ATP Series

All About Asymmetries

Each Asymmetrical Posture Is Unique... And Sometimes Surprisingly Functional

Assessing and working with asymmetrical postures for functional outcomes.

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Wound Care & Seating

How Collaboration Can Reap Better Outcomes

The benefits of collaborating with wound specialists during seating evals.

Mobility Product Award Winners

Technology Series

In the Spotlight: Announcing the 2022 Mobility Product Award Winners

Mobility Management readers voted for these seating, mobility, and accessibility products.

elementary classroom with 3 chairs

ATP Series

CRT in the Classroom

School is a great place to learn mobility skills... but policies are complicated

The challenges of getting complex seating and wheelchairs into schools and classrooms.

digital hand turning a quality dial

ATP Series

Tomorrow's Wheelchairs

What today & yesterday can tell us about future technology

What functionalities will be important to future wheelchair riders?

A manufacturer

ATP Series

A Manufacturer's Perspective on ALS: Achieving Balance

Understanding today's needs as well as tomorrow's changes.

A clinician

ATP Series

A Clinician's Perspective on ALS: An 80/20 Strategy

Observing commonality among ALS clients leads to a new strategy for supplying equipment.

A caregiver

ATP Series

A Caregiver's Perspective on ALS: Team Gleason's Blair Casey

Why priorities of people with ALS and priorities of their caregivers don't always align.

hand squeezing a soapy sponge

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"Do Not Hose Down Your Power Chair!"

5 Keys to Keeping Seating & Mobility Clean... in the Pandemic & Beyond

Cleaning and disinfecting strategies in changing times.

man in wheelchair on beach

New Horizons: Tips for Traveling with a Wheelchair

Traveling in a wheelchair can be challenging, but the rewards are priceless.

abstract chart

ATP Series

Demystifying Cushion Standards

What They Mean, What They Don't Mean & How They Impact Seating

What standards really mean and how they impact can seating decisions.

woman sitting in window sill while holding a child that is pointing out the window

Focus on Gait Training

Who Can Benefit from Gait Training?

New designs can make gait training possible for very young clients.

man in a wheelchair sitting at a table

ATP Series

The Power of the Home Assessment

Why Measuring a Client's Home Accurately Is So Crucial

A great assessment can provide the seating team with critical information.

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