Sunrise Medical Launches Empulse R20 Power Assist

There’s a new member of Sunrise Medical’s power-assist family.

 Empulse R20 unit: a backpack plus a single-wheeled attachment.

This week, the manufacturer launched the Empulse R20 power-assist system, designed to be operated by a caregiver or attendant.

 Empulse R20 attached to a folded manual wheelchair.

Via its Web site, Sunrise Medical described the R20 as helping “in every situation while having zero detrimental impact when self-propelling. This foldable and lightweight power-assist device is easily transported, either attached or detached from the wheelchair with its handy backpack.”

Sunrise added that the R20 “is compatible with most folding and tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs.”

A video on the Sunrise Medical Web site shows the single-wheeled R20 mounted to a folding manual wheelchair and being operated by a caregiver. The video also shows the wheelchair being folded and placed into the back of an SUV with the R20 still attached.

Sunrise says the power-assist system has a 9-mile range and can climb slopes up to 10 degrees. Its total weight capacity — wheelchair, power-assist system, and consumer — is 419 lbs., and Sunrise said the user weight capacity is 375 lbs. The R20 has three speed settings: 1.2 mph, 2.3 mph, and 3.1 mph. Its control unit “features simple one-button on/off control,” Sunrise said.

“The R20 power-assist device offers a free-run mode, allowing self-propelling without detaching the device,” Sunrise added.

The R20’s “click-fix” system provides tool-free docking on the wheelchair. “Only the small docking pin remains on the wheelchair, minimizing added weight and parts,” Sunrise said.

The Empulse R20 weighs 9.9 lbs., including battery, and has a retail price starting at $2875. Sunrise said the unit is compatible with all wheelchairs that have a box frame and tubing diameter between 22mm and 28mm.

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