Mobility Management Podcast: Marketing in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic’s forced isolation has made Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and accessibility companies look for new ways to connect with partners and consumers.

While many companies cut their marketing efforts and budgets during challenging times, a new Mobility Management podcast with marketing veteran Barry Steelman offers a different perspective.

Steelman, who has worked in the CRT industry for 20 years, discussed the importance of marketing, especially during times of crisis.

“There’s marketing and there’s branding, which are really different animals,” Steelman said. “Marketing in the CRT industry really is a three-pronged approach. You’re trying to reach three target audiences, where in other industries, you may be able to focus on just one target audience.”

The advertising campaigns most frequently talked about in the mainstream media are splashy and expensive Super Bowl-level efforts.

But Steelman said new marketing tools are leveling the playing field so that smaller companies can make a major impact with even modest marketing investments. And Steelman contended that right now — in the middle of a pandemic — is a prime opportunity for great marketing campaigns.

“A time like this is when a focused marketing strategy can get you the most for your dollar,” he said.

Listen to “Great Expectations: CRT Marketing in the New Normal,” or check out Mobility Management’s entire podcast library. Mobility Management podcasts are also available for downloading on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Companies often cut their marketing budgets in tough times. But marketing veteran Barry Steelman of Steelman Marketing explains how and why a focused marketing strategy can pay off, while debunking the marketing myth that you need a huge marketing budget to make a big impact.

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