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The Best CRT You Don't Know About

Pediatric mobilityWhat do the most successful pediatric complex rehab technology (CRT) products have in common?

For one thing, they’re made for kids!

That sounds obvious today, but pediatric products haven’t always been designed especially for children, and healthcare professionals haven’t always recognized that children and adolescents aren’t just smaller, younger versions of adults.

At an American Physical Therapy Association event in 1991, Arthur Pappas, M.D., gave a presentation that New York Times contributing writer John Doherty, a physical therapist and sports trainer, summed up in a single line: “Children are not miniature adults.” In his 2015 story, Doherty quoted Pappas, then pointed to multiple recent studies that suggested children’s bodies and brains react differently to physical forces because those bodies and brains are still immature.

In CRT, much of the discussion regarding pediatric seating and mobility focuses on products’ growability — obviously, an enormous consideration given funding sources’ expectations of how long such equipment should last before being eligible for replacement.

But there are other important considerations as well for pediatric CRT, including aesthetics — the more attractive, appealing and “non-medical looking” the better. And transportability is also key — because equipment that’s bulky and takes a long time or requires multiple caregivers to fold, pack and lift is liable to get left at home…which might mean that the child using it stays at home, too.

For this pictorial, Mobility Management asked manufacturers for pediatric CRT that perhaps gets overshadowed or overlooked. This particular story is all about kids, and the seating and mobility that gets them and their families moving.

Wallaby Folding Wheelchair

Wallaby Folding WheelchairKey Kids’ Words: WC19-compliant

Available in 12” and 14” seat widths, the Wallaby is WC19 bus-transit-compliant for children between 50 and 80 lbs. and includes standard transit tie-down brackets. The Wallaby features height-adjustable push handles, flip-back padded desk arms and a standard pelvic belt for additional comfort and safety. The chair also has push-to-lock wheel locks, 22” rear wheels with 6" front casters, swing-away footrests with tool-free height-adjustment, and a calf strap.

Inspired by Drive
(800) 454-6612


SwiftyKey Kids’ Words: Positioning options for customized comfort

The lightweight, durable and stable Swifty stroller is designed with easy transport in mind for parents. That means tie-downs, plenty of positioning options for highly customized comfort, and pack-away convenience for busy families. Features include a durable, stable (solid) seat and backrest for a comfortable ride, easy adjustability, and a backrest that reclines. A seat minimizer extends Swifty’s growth range, and the stroller is crash-tested to WC19 standards.

Thomashilfen North America
(866) 870-2122

Little Wave Clik

Little Wave ClikKey Kids’ Words: Dynamic fifth wheel

The Little Wave Clik enables children to go and grow, with width and depth growth capabilities of 8" to 16" and features that promote independence. Ki’s strategically designed Index System of tubing has dimples that optimize adjustment while eliminating guess work. It promotes proper positioning techniques and wheel access so you are just one “Clik” away from just right. The new dynamic fifth wheel will allow you to adjust both range and spring rate to benefit any level of rider. Set up in mid-wheel configuration for your littlest riders or set up to help teach balance and wheeling skills, the Clik is designed for next-generation wheelchair users and their families.

Ki Mobility
(800) 981-1540

Mount’n Mover

Mount n MoverKey Kids’ Words: Independent access to devices

The independently movable Mount’n Mover mounting system offers flexible, secure positioning of tablets, speech devices, phones, laptops, cameras and trays on tables or wheelchairs. Highly customizable, the system can be easily adjusted as the child fatigues, changes environments or changes positions — and can be moved out of the way during transfers or when pulling up to a table or desk. Mount’n Mover helps promote independent access to communications and other devices at all times.

BlueSky Designs
(612) 724-7002

Measure X Pressure Mapping System

Measure X Pressure Mapping SystemKey Kids’ Words: Pressure mapping sized for kids

Blue Chip’s Measure X pediatric wheelchair seating pressure mapping system provides a visual representation of interface pressures between a child’s body and the seating surface. And it’s available in sizes to fit kids: 10x10", 11x11", 12x12", 13x13" and 14x14" to fit wheelchairs with seat widths of 14" or less. Seat sensors are available in standard and high definition. Measure X’s powerful software is designed to provide 2D and 3D pressure maps, plus average pressure graphs and informative histograms. The easy-to-use interface features adjustable color gradients, the ability to record and save sessions and customized data displays.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.
(800) 795-6115


MustangKey Kids’ Words: Flexibility, growth, ease of use

The R82 Mustang is an anterior/posterior gait trainer that provides proper positioning and support for children as they learn stepping/walking. The Mustang provides excellent upperbody support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt in the anterior configuration and full upright support in the posterior configuration. Positioning accessories are available for children who need extra support, and are removable as their walking skills progress. The center spar is dynamic and helps mimic the natural up and down movement in walking. The Mustang comes in four sizes suitable for children and young people.



RodeoKey Kids’ Words: Compact folding, lightweight for travel

A popular pediatric tilt-in-space wheelchair that is convenient, lightweight and compactly folds, the Convaid Rodeo provides up to 45° of adjustable tilt to offer pressure relief and upper-body support. This tilt-in-space Convaid is fully customizable to meet its user’s specific therapeutic needs and provides five years of growth capability through its seat depth feature. Rodeo’s Cordura upholstery comes in a wide selection of colors and is removable and fully washable. The Rodeo offers 90° to 110° of recline and is easy to fold for convenient portability. Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, and 16 for users up to 170 lbs., Rodeo comes with a transit option that meets WC19 transport safety standards.


Zing 2

Zing 2Key Kids’ Words: Supine to prone in one motion

EasyStand’s Zing MPS Size 2 brings the Zing’s many benefits to bigger kids — those from 40" to 60" tall and weighing up to 154 lbs. The Zing MPS pivots in two directions, which allows the unit to go from flat-to-load supine to 20° prone in one motion. No need to transfer the user in and out, flip pads, footplates and trays to change position. The Zing MPS Size 2 also offers up to 30° of independent leg abduction. The Size 2 base is available with Gas Spring Lift (pictured) or Pow’r Up Lift, and is now available to order. Choose from a wide array of options, from planar pads to hygienic pad covers and directional locking casters.

EasyStand/Altimate Medical
(800) 342-8968

Liquid SunMate FIPS

Liquid SunMate FIPSKey Kids’ Words: Mold new cushions as child grows

Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating (FIPS) is a direct custommolding seating system to help correct or slow progressive deformities and improve body functions through fixed posture control. The FIPS liquid molds exactly to the body contour and cures into an open-cell viscoelastic foam. The finished cushion redistributes pressure evenly for management of tissue loads, and is easily modified to accommodate belts, harnesses, Pudgee, gel or air-cell inserts, or adjustable supports. FIPS is a quick, easy, affordable way to mold new cushions as a child grows. It can be used on its own or with a variety of fabric-finished molding bag systems on the market. Six different formulations and four unit sizes accommodate cushion molding for all ages and sizes.

Dynamic Systems Inc.

Go Chair

Go ChairKey Kids’ Words: Ultra-compact for great access to environments

The Go Chair — available via special order — is designed to meet the demands of active kids, thanks to a go-get-’em top speed of 3.7 mph. Its ultra-compact size gives kids access to childhood environments, while Mom and Dad will appreciate the one-hand, feather-touch disassembly to make transporting the Go Chair quick and easy. Seating and positioning components are available to dial in the exact support each child needs. And vibrant color choices give each child the chance to customize his or her Go Chair.

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002

JUNIOR Seat Cushion

JUNIOR Seat CushionKey Kids’ Words: Designed using anthropometric data

The JUNIOR cushion is designed to provide a comfortable, stable foundation for exploration and adventure. Lightweight, multi-stiffness foam promotes immersion, stability and positioning, while a washable, water-resistant cover lets kids be kids. The JUNIOR has a VARILITE self-inflating valve for quick and easy adjustments. Thanks to the use of anthropometric data, VARILITE’s engineers created this cushion with a full range of size-appropriate seating and positioning items.

(800) 827-4548

Freedom NXT Tilt-in-Space

Freedom NXT Tilt-in-SpaceKey Kids’ Words: Positioning + Power Add-On

Freedom NXT Tilt-in-Space wheelchair is the lightweight, compact and transportable option made especially for active families. Add the new Alber e-fix E35 Power Add-On Drive to create the ride that active kids have been dreaming about and the independence their caregivers have been asking for. Families on the go will appreciate the lightweight Freedom NXT and how easily it disassembles, lifts and stows into small spaces for transport. Plus, the entire system adjusts to meet the everchanging needs of growing children up to 225 lbs.

Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900

Zippie Kidz

Zippie KidzKey Kids’ Words: Built for independent toddlers

The Zippie Kidz is the smallest pediatric rigid wheelchair that Sunrise Medical offers. It is ideal for growing toddlers learning to navigate their world. With a depth-adjustable back, seat depth can grow as much as 3". Additional depth and width growth may be achieved by replacing parts. Self-propulsion allows children to explore and interact, and the Kidz was designed to give toddlers maximum independence by providing them age- and ability-appropriate access to the wheels. When a child is learning to propel, the push wheels can be placed in reverse configuration at the front of the frame for best access. As a child’s reach grows, the wheels may be moved to the rear of the frame. Because interaction with peers is essential to child development, the Kidz has seat heights as low as 10 3/4". With 28 colors to choose from, children can customize their chairs to their personal tastes.

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

ROVI X3 + Matrx Mini Seating

ROVI X3 + Matrx Mini SeatingKey Kids’ Words: Seating and mobility combo for exploring

Motion Concepts has created a special seating and mobility combo especially for its littler customers: the ROVI X3 power base with Ultra Low Maxx power positioning and Invacare Matrx Mini Seating from Motion Concepts. The results are a small footprint thanks to a modular, easy-to-adjust system. The X3 base offers a turning radius of 20" and a base width of just 23.25" to allow kids to maneuver in kid-sized spaces. The Matrx Mini Back is contoured to provide support without restricting mobility and play, and it includes truly pediatric Mini Set hardware for optimal ease of positioning and growth.

Motion Concepts LP
(888) 433-6818

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of Mobility Management.

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